Promotional Products, Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing

Build a buzz with custom imprinted specialty advertising products & embroidered or screen printed clothing

Promotional items may seem “old fashioned” but, as a branding method, they still are effective.

Think of all the many different charity events, amateur sporting events and other marketing or promotional events that you might have seen or heard of where the only “prize” was a custom embroidered hat or sweat-band!

Odd as it may seem, people will go to a lot of time and effort to earn a free screen printed t-shirt. This is because people instinctively know that a custom designed promotional item may only be “given away” for a limited time or just for a single special event.

This exclusivity automatically creates feelings of belonging and scarcity in people which in turn makes them desire a simple promotional item even more than an actual cash reward.

If you don’t think promotional products work, look through your own family closets and count the number of “branded” articles of clothing you own!

Or just check out the pen drawer or pencil cup on almost any receptionist’s desk and see how many promotional items have migrated into your office.

And when was the last tradeshow or conference that you attended that didn’t give out the standard “swag bag” full of branded freebies?

Despite the simplicity of promotional items, they work because they keep your brand name in front of customers over a long period of time.

Promotional or specialty advertising items aren’t limited to the traditional imprinted items like pens, pencils, stationary or coffee mugs.

With the power of digital designs and new improvements in print and embroidery technology, everything and anything can become a branding channel for your business:

  • Printed or Embroidered Clothing and Apparel – Hats, Caps, Shirts, Outwear
  • Tools for the Home, Garden or Auto – Flashlights, Keychains, Knives
  • Bags and Luggage – Handheld or Backpacks
  • Drinkware – metal, plastic, ceramic or glass
  • Office Supplies and Tools – Awards, Clocks, Calculators, Memory Sticks
  • Outdoor and Sporting Gear – Blankets, Balls, Towels, etc...
  • And Of Course Our Perennial Favorite - Toys & Novelties

Learn to use the branding power of promotional items during your next marketing campaign or special event. Click on the links below to contact our team of experienced marketing experts.

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